About Me & This Website

Hello world of bloggers! Thanks so much for coming over for a visit to my blog. I want to get to know you, so I figured I would introduce myself first and let you know what this page is all about!

Currently, I am a Psychology student at Messiah College working towards my bachelor’s degree. the dream is to go on to culinary school and become a baker/chef.

This past year I have taken time off to work on eating disorder recovery and food healing and  through this process, have begun to learn what it means to live an embodied life that encompasses wellness on a higher level aside from food (something I never thought possible or a reality). My biggest supporters during this season? My parents. Could not be doing this without them and this time has made me appreciate them SO much more.

My passion for baking, despite my eating disorder, has always brought comfort and solace by giving me space in which I am free to create whatever I want. After continually rejecting many encouragements from friends to create a blog; then pondering this idea for a while, I finally decided to give it a shot! Not only will this be a space for me to be real and honest with all of you about my recovery, I will be sharing recipes from my  favorite foodie bloggers, show you my own creations, and (hopefully!)  inspire some of you to live a healthy life that includes all the yummy baked goods!

Baking has been a positive and  challenging part of my recovery because even though baking has been such a joy and passion to me since a child, I would not always allow myself to taste, enjoy, or experience my creations free of guilt. Now, I am on a journey to discover intuitive eating that allows for food freedom of all food groups and I’m allowing myself to love taste testing, experimenting, and enjoying all the baked goods that bring me joy!  My rule? If I bake it, I eat it!

So why bodacious baking? Not only is baking a passion because it allows me to serve those I love, it is about the experience of using it for art and enjoying it with friends and family. I love decorating what I create and the bigger, prettier, the TASTIER, the better! Not to mention occasionally (okay..very often)  just putting sprinkles on it and letting my inner child come out as I decorate and create a HUGE mess. I desire to fully adopt intuitive eating, and while that is still a long way away, I am excited for you to journey with me as I use my baking and cooking adventures to encourage and motivate me in my recovery process!!

 There is going to be a section devoted to food I make, and I will also be blogging about body positivity, milestones, and life experiences during my recovery. I am going to be including some tips on what I consider healthy living, various self-care activities I enjoy, and a portion (of course!) be of my brunch adventures in which I will brunch at new restaurants and then blog my review and what I tried for the week! Every Sunday, I have a very passionate mission of going to brunch and trying something new. Self-care Sundays am I right?

Some other things about me? I love my cocker spaniel pup Maddi, and she will definitely be making appearances on this site. Other things that bring me joy in my life are coffee adventures, walks around my neighborhood lake, and traveling.

Also-Julia Child is my idol, nuff said.


Welcome along to my baking journey- I promise to bring you nothing short of bodacious!